I did not particularly enjoy the blogging and I don’t intend to do it in the future. I wouldn’t say this class helped me enjoy reading more but it did definitely reminded me how much I enjoyed reading.


A book series I plan to read over the summer is Tokyo ghoul. I feel the choice reading should be offered at finest because its an enjoyable class. I also don’t see many beneficial ways to change the class.


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today I read about back story on the promoter, and DW. also ganta faces off against the wretched egg. then everyone was ether released or transfer from DW and DW closed.

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The major conflict of the book is that the main character Ganta is falsely imprisoned in a prison where people need to compete to stay alive and he is trying to escape. so far i cant really tell what theme it’s developing. my only question for the author at this point is how he came up with the story. i am enjoying the book a lot because it has an interesting story, good characters and good artwork.


The book i´m reading is called ¨Deadman Wonderland¨ by Kataoka Jinsei. The book takes place in a prison that is also an amusement park. The two main characters are Ganta who is a boy who was falsely convicted for killing his whole class and Shiro who is a girl that nobody really knows anything about.So far my impressions of the book are that its very plot driven and interesting.5b7258368c2dd8f8cd819193ebdc62b2